Report Settings and Filters

The “End of Day” screen includes a number of filters which can be applied to generate a particular report format.

The default setting is Store level reporting. In this scenario, the reports from all terminals and locations are consolidated to the store level.

Selection “Locations Summary” from the “Report Levels” dropdown list will generate a report showing both the Stores/s and all Locations within each Store.

Selecting “Terminals and POS Machines Summary” will reveal all Stores, Locations and POS Terminals.

Using the filters provided gives a great deal of flexibility to your reporting, as you can choose a combination of Time Frame, Stores, Location and Terminals.

Filters – Time frame

The “Time Frame” filter selection allows for manual range selection of start and end dates, and also provides the ability to set commonly required quick selections.
Start by selecting “Time Frame” then the green “Filter” box.
Now you can select your chosen data and time range selection.

Filters – Stores

By default, all stores in your system will be included in the reports. However, using the Store filter you can tailor your reports by filtering your selections.
Select the Stores you would like to include in your report and lock it in by selecting the Filter bar.

Filters – Locations

Locations may also be selected to further refine your report criteria.
Make your selections then press the “Filter” bar to update your selection criteria.

Finally, if required you can further refine your report by including or removing select POS terminals.
Following your selection please press the green “Filter” bar.