Push to POS

Once you have completed your programing/changes select “Push to POS” to update them to the server.
From this section, you can choose to update the current location you are working on, all locations, or copy the program from your current location to multiple locations.

Note: if you copy to other locations all data in those locations will be overwritten.
When you choose to “Update the Program File”, it will be copied to the server and become ready to be used to update the VR terminals. This process may take up to 3 minutes, and a pending status will be shown until this process is complete.

Once complete, the VR terminals may be updated by selecting “Open” from the Register tab.
To always ensure that the register is up to date with the latest programing changes, please set the option in: General Features > Sales Operation > Compulsory Open Business Day to force the operator to open the till at the beginning of trade.