Programming Stage 1

Remote programing of your products is now possible, and as a first release you will be able to program General Features, Groups, Departments, PLU’s and Set Menus etc.
Programing on CloudPOS is location specific and therefore all programing options are located against each store location.

General Features

Begin with by checking the General Features. This is available by choosing “Configuration” from the location that you wish to program.
As the general features file is quite large, you can jump to the various categories listed at the bottom of the page then you can use the appropriate search box to further simplify the process.
Once you have identified the setting/s that you wish to modify, select and save as per the example.
Select “Setup Product Codes”. From this page you will be able to program all of your products and departments etc.

For maximum efficiency, we recommend that you program files in the order that they appear on screen (that is from left to right, so starting with the Groups then Departments etc). Note that not all files may be required for your program. For example, you may not require Classification or Selective Items, but as a minimum you will require Groups, Departments, Parameters and PLU.