Edit Setup or change products and codes

Important note:

In order to be able to see and edit your products you need to see the entire screen on your computer and in some instances you will need to reduce the magnification level of the screen from within your internet browser.

Instructions on changing zoom/magnification with
google chrome can be found:

Internet Explorer:


From the Dashboard click on the location in store link and on the locations table click on the setup

The below image is the PLUs page and you need to be able to see the edit link on the far right of the page in the action column.  IF YOU CAN NOT SEE THE EDIT LINK please change the magnification of your browser. You can edit every detail of a PLU including prices by clicking on the edit link.

PLUs page image

The PLUs page has nine tab/links running from left to right at the top of the page.

PLU Tab casio cloud POS
Groups tab casio cloud POS

Groups are used to categorise products for reporting purposes only, and are top level reporting. A good example of Groups would be FOOD and DRINKS. To program a new group, simply enter the description under “Groups Name” and select to “Add Group”, then repeat this process until complete.

Added groups will display in a list on the right side of the screen if you wish to change the descriptor select the “Edit” link

The added groups tab

Departments are used for two general purposes. Like groups, they are also used for reporting to categorise products, however sit below groups in the hierarchy. Taking the group “food” as an example, appropriate departments may be “Entrees” and “Starters” etc.

Departments may also be used to generate your menu pages. For example, all PLU’s linked to starters can be used to generate a page of starters.

To program a department firstly start by selecting the group that will be associated (linked) to it by dropping down the list of groups and choosing the appropriate one.

Now type in your new department name and select “Add Department” Like the Group file previously, a list of your departments will be presented on the right side of the screen, and an edit link is provided to make changes to the description and group link if required.