Video Tutorials

Basic operation and how to videos

Function area screen

Making a Sale

Basic operation. Casio V-R7100. Making a sale and paying with $20 Cash.

Select Item (s) by touching the screen

Select the cash $20 button

Issue a Refund

Scroll along and select the functions button.

Select the item to be refunded.

Select Eftpos or Cash amount to be refunded.

Function area screen

Edit the Receipt Message

Log in as manager or a clerk with suitable permissions.

Select the settings tab.

On the settings screen select the reg settings button.

Select the receipt tab and then receipt message on the following page.

Edit Function Button

Hold the button you wish to edit until the function key setting box is displayed.

Select function and then edit from the following screen.

You will now see the details of the current function associated with this button. Touch function code located in the second row of the left screen.

The function code for NO SALE “NS” is 000042, scroll down the list and select it.

Click save and restart the software as prompted.

Automatic Layout to Manual

Before making changes please do a DB BACKUP.

Start the software and login as a manager.

Touch the department button corresponding to the page you want to re order until the “key layout setting” dialog appears and click ok.

From the edit screen select the department page to edit and then touch page setup. You will notice that your page type will currently be set to “Automatic” Change this by touching the icon

With the image of the tools on it and chose a layout and button type. Try the default Manual Layout(Template) and the desired button size. Click save.

You are now back at the Edit page and you can drag and drop the buttons into the desired spot.

Once completed you can Touch the DB Save button and restart the software.