1 Hospitality POS Models Available Now

Casio VR-200 Hospitality POS

Hospitality POS Casio VR Range of POS are the perfect Hospitality POS solution for small to large Hospitality Outlets.

Hospitality POS Casio VR 200

The 10.4 inch touch screen VR200 offers an excellent solution for cafes.
It is the ideal, hassle-free product when making the move from a tablet POS or cash register due to its quick set up and easy maintenance.

The VR200 comprises of advanced capabilities such as table management and reporting and comes equipped with an integrated printer and pop up display, All in a compact solution that will take up minimal space on your counter top.

It also achieves incredibly low power consumption, meaning you don’t have to worry about using it 7 days a week.

Hospitality POS Casio VR200 front view
Hospitality POS VR200 tilt screen picture
Hospitality POS VR200 Back of unit view

Casio VR-7100

Hospitality POS

If your coffee shop needs something larger, the VR7100 with a 15.6 inch touch screen display is the ideal POS solution. With an automated table plan, seamless kitchen and front-of-house Communication, and easy to use interface the reliable VR7100 runs as fast as your business.

This efficiency keeps both the staff and more importantly the customer satisfied.

The screen is water splash and dust resistant meaning that spillages and cleaning are not a problem, essential for keeping up with the demands of a busy café environment.

Main screen display casio vr7100
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Playing a video.This is a feature of playing video when the terminal is not used. Sales promotion video can be shown on the HDMI display.

Playing slide show and display scrolling messages.
Up to five images can be used in a slide show.

When the cash register is not used, the slide show is played in full screen. When the cash register is used, the slide show is played on half of the screen.On the images of the slide show, scrolling messages can be overlapped and displayed.

Playing audio fileWhen the cash register is not used, an audio file can be played with a video or slide show.Display item images
This is a feature of displaying registered item image. When items are previously registered with their
image, the items’ images are displayed. Up to 50 item images can be set.
Display registered details
The contents equivalent to the remote customer display (VA-B60D / VA-B70DE-BK) can be
displayed. When the registered details are displayed, item images can not be displayed.
Display recommendation images
This is a feature of displaying recommendation item images. When a recommendation button is tapped
during registration, the recommendation image is displayed on both of the HDMI display and the terminal.
Up to 5 images can be set.

Compare Models

Casio has two core models within the VR range: The VR200 and The VR7100 . The below image compares the hardware and features of both models.

Compare VR7100 and vr200

Our Hospitality POS is designed to suit a wide range of hospitality business types and venues, from cafes and restaurants and bars to multi-site restaurant groups and franchises and national service organisations with a range of products and services. For more than 30 years we have been providing fast and reliable and efficient Hospitality POS and software and hardware to many over sea and Australian venues.

Our Hospitality POS point of sale systems are built with and for the hospitality industry at the fore front of our mind. We know what your Hospitality POS venue needs to succeed, and we’ve built our Hospitality POS system with these and your requirements in mind. See what our Hospitality POS can do for you and your hospitality venue today:

Finding the right Hospitality POS can be an overwhelming task. We’ve helped hundreds of Hospitality venues and restaurateurs to choose the right Hospitality POS software so they can be analyzed for food sales and even help you navigate a tip-based payroll system.

Hospitality POS systems help restaurant owners and venues enhance the customer experience while visiting and streamline their business operations relating to all sales, cash flow, food inventory, and all bookkeeping requirements that may be needed. Additional features that may be needed and or included, include a payment gateway, order management, analytics, and table reservations.

Some restaurant POS systems may also provide more advanced features, such as totals of food costing and a built-in marketing system suite to help restaurant and venue owners with maintaining a budgeting, as well as creating and executing outreach campaigns. Most restaurant and Hospitality POS systems and software can also be used by other food and beverage businesses, such as cafes, food trucks, and bars or coffee shops.

There are several types available. Whether you’re a small pop-up or food trailer business, with single location or even multiple location restaurant, there’s a type of Hospitalityt POS system for every type of restaurant and venue business.

  • Small restaurant business: If your operation consists of a small to medium single location, be it a fixed restaurant, a rotating pop-up, or a mobile food trailer business, you’ll be best served by one of the basic restaurant POS system. You’ll be fine with limited hardware and fewer advanced features that you may not use anyway.
  • Midsize restaurant business: If you operate a high-volume, medium paced growing restaurant business with one to five locations, you’ll want a restaurant POS system that offers some more advanced features. These include some reporting and analytics reports, inventory control and maybe even some online ordering capabilities included.
  • Large/enterprise restaurant business: Managers and operators with more than five locations should be looking for a restaurant POS option with advanced dashboards and analytics and multiple location management and analytics.

Increasing touch less payment methods: Several restaurant and venue POS system providers are giving restaurant and venue owners the ability to create a secure and touch less payment system environment as a result of COVID-19 outbreak. Options for this include using a fully PCI and EMV compliant pay-at-the-table mobile device and/or the ability of scanning of a QR code to launch a payment process that’s both encrypted and touch less.

Growing gift cards as a revenue channel: As dining rooms around the world are being forced to close or operate at a limited capacity, many restaurants and venues have had to turn to gift cards as another means to add one of their lifelines to generate a greater revenue stream. The International Card Manufacturers Association is predicting that the COVID-19 pandemic could see an increase in digital and contact less gift cards being used by many patrons around the world.

Casio’s V-R Hospitality POS range has a model suitable for all
applications including hospitality and retail environments.
Here you can understand the key benefits and features of
each POS solution.

Android Based

Android-based operating system With a quick return to operation after any power interruptions, Casio’s POS solutions support daily 24/7 front of house operation using a reliable Android-based platform.

Easy to use

Simple to use, wide LCD touch panel enables users to work quickly and effectively, supporting efficient high-speed operation

low power consumption

Power consumption is incredibly low compared to conventional POS systems, increasing power savings as well as boosting green credentials.

All of the Casio V-R terminals are compatible with our optional, sophisticated and comprehensive Cloud-based back office system. This enables you to keep your tills upto-date with the latest prices, promotions and staff information, as well as capture and analyse incoming data.

The V-R200 is a highly refined, all-in-one EPOS terminal that embodies a full range of advanced capabilities, such as table management. While having a compact stylish design, the 10.4 inch LCD terminal is equipped with a high
speed printer and a pop-up customer display resulting in space-saving, ease of operation and excellent functionality.

In addition, the V-R200 is water and dust resistant with extremely low power consumption, significantly contributing to power savings compared to traditional POS systems and therefore reducing overall running costs.

The Android-based V-R7000 is the revolutionary business terminal developed specifically for both hospitality and retail environments. The 15.6” widescreen design allows you to manage your POS and social media
marketing activities all from the one terminal. Casio’s POS application is highly customisation and offers a wide range of powerful and innovative features. The V-R7000 series is both stylish and slim and has excellent cable
management to fit any business counter.

Hospitality POS

The V-R200 is a the ideal budget-friendly and extremely
compact all-in-one EPOS terminal. With its integrated
printer and pop-up customer display, it is perfect for limited
counter spaces in any hospitality environment. V-R200 runs
the very latest Casio EPOS application with sophisticated
features such as interactive table layouts, scheduled price
changes and advanced reporting as standard. For dining
establishments, the application makes it easy to manage
the entire meal process from order taking to kitchen
preparation. The stylish and glossy design helps the
V-R200 fit seamlessly into any hospitality environment.

Casio POS Home

VR-7100 Hospitality Pos

The V-R7000 and V-R7100 are Andriod™ based POS terminals highlighted by a 15.6″ wide touch screen in a thin ergonomically designed cabinet and pedestal. The V-R7000 and V-R7100 utilize Android™ software version 4.2 (jelly bean). Similar to the V-R200, the V-R7000/7100 POS terminals are designed without a fan, hard disk drive or any movable components to ensure efficient store operations by eliminating common hardware problems experienced with PC based hardware.

These new terminals are open platform POS terminals that will run 3rd party Android™ based software applications. Additional applications available on the V-R7000/7100 include grocery/convenience store, pizza, concession stand, hospitality and apparel store. Casio provides a software development kit (SDK) to POS software companies in order to facilitate their software running on these new models.

Unlike the V-R200, the V-R7000/7100 will not be embedded with the Casio POS application. The Casio application designed for hospitality and retail applications will be offered as a minimal priced option. The Casio application offers features such as multiple menu screens, price levels, graphical icons on menu keys, modifier windows, fire messages (both fixed & on the fly), kitchen printer interface, electronic payment interface, operator detailed sales tracking and extensive TCP/IP communications locally and remotely.

The V-R7000/7100 also come with extensive hardware offerings that include; three (3) serial ports (and an optional external expansion box that provides additional COM ports), multiple USB ports, LAN port, HDMI port, two (2) cash drawer ports and two (2) SD Card slots that provide resellers and developers flexibility for peripheral connectivity.

The V-R7100 has two (2) additional hardware features; wireless LAN (IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n) and Bluetooth communications to create an aesthetic install by eliminating cabling and allowing the V-R7100 to be installed in areas without wired LAN’s.

Both models are also equipped with a battery to protect memory data in the event of a power failure. Once the power returns to the V-R7000/7100 it will go directly to the screen at the time of the failure without the loss of transaction data.

VR – 200 Hospitality Pos

The V-R200 is an Android-based open platform POS terminal designed specifically for the POS industry. Casio offers an optional software application, designed specifically for small to medium sized hospitality and retail applications. The V-R200 will allow the option for software companies to develop and run their software on the V-R200.

Additional highlights of the V-R200 include the 10.4″ operator color touch screen, a built-in 80mm thermal printer, a pop-up 2×20 customer display, an Ethernet port for high speed communications between terminals and the internet, multiple serial ports for peripheral connectivity, cash connector and an SD Card for program backup.

Casio’s range of Cash Registers and touch screen Hospitality Pos Point of Sale systems with cloud based management and reporting are suitable for hospitality venues including cafés, restaurants and fast food and beverage outlets.

Our CRVR200 and CRVR7100 Hospitality POS Systems are built on the Android Platform and are designed to deliver a flexible and scaleable Hospitality POS Solution that can grow with your business. The optional cloud based management solution enables you to check in and view performance at any time from almost anywhere with any device.

With the addition of Casio’s optional Portable Device Licence, you can connect mobile devices to your Hospitality POS System. This enables wait staff to take, hold, recall and update orders from anywhere in the venue, sending details directly to the master terminal and the kitchen or bar. Compared to paper based systems, this can significantly reduce the likelihood of errors and increase the time spent on the floor with customers, resulting in a better customer experience and happier staff.

We have been supplying Australian business for over 120 years. We have sales offices and service centres strategically located throughout Australia to ensure we can install, train and provide after sales support for your Hospitality POS system, no matter where you’re located.

Casio is world leading manufacturer of Entry Models for small to medium retail business, EPOS for mid-Line cash registers practical management solutions for your busienss, business support terminal for the scalable business terminal for solutions that expand develop together with cusotmer & more.

The Casio V-R range of Hospitality Pos contributes to nothing but efficiency and productivity within your business. The android based terminals are designed specifically for the retail and hospitality industry and will greatly impact your Hospitality POS.

Hospitality Pos V-R200

All-in-one Simple yet powerful Hospitality POS system – add up to 6 tablets to it! With a 10.4″ screen, cash drawer, thermal printer and 2-line customer display all included – it has reservations and is easy to navigate.

Hospitality Pos V-R7100

This Stylish an compact unit offers the richest functionality available from CASIO. With a 15.6″ widescreen LCD, they are awesome for basic hospitality applications and flexible programming that our customers can control easily. Integration with XERO is easy via the cloud reporting provided.

The Casio V-R200 Android Hospitality POS touch screen cash register is the least expensive, most affordable system on the market in it’s class. You purchase the terminal outright and are the owner of the Casio V-R200 with all its sales data. There are no recurring rental or support fees. All support is given free for the life of the system from Cash Register Store.com. Have TOTAL CONTROL over your cash management system.

With most Hospitality POS products, when you obtain it, you must either accept their credit card processing, pay recurring rental fees for the POS product, and generally you do not own the sales data in your system. The sales data is property of the POS company and/or the credit card processor.

Two initial operational settings are available from the start-up menu. Choose either Retail or Hospitality to configure the V-R200 tablet to your specific needs. The V-R200 with it’s Android operating system allows access to the internet.

Download Android apps for the V-R200 as they become more available. Plus, email your net sales report to your central office or mobile devices.

The new Casio V-R200 hardware platform features a large 10.4 inch SVGA colour LCD with a rugged splash proof tablet touch panel.

The viewing angle of this LCD has an electronic adjustment, allowing the perfect position to be set by the operate. An integrated pop-up monochrome LCD shows clear customer information, and can be used for advertising messages, the running receipt total and payment confirmation.

An additional benefit to the user is your choice of paper roll for the printer. The printer offers the choice of either built-in 80mm (3-1/4″) wide or 58mm (2-1/4″) wide receipt paper, with easy to use drop-in paper loading. No interface cables are required as the system is simply unpacked, powered-up and ready to use.