Casio Back Office Cloud POS

Welcome to CloudPOS. We trust you will find it to be a useful business tool.

CloudPOS is designed to work specifically with Casio’s range of state of the art Android Point of Sale VR series terminals.

It can be used across a wide range of devices including PC’s, tablets and mobile phones. Access requires only a web browser and an internet connection, and no additional applications are required.

At the time of producing this document the functionality of CloudPOS included the following:

  • Monitoring of close to real time data from the live dashboard.
  • Reporting tool for end of day and historical reports including export to pdf and csv.
  • Integration to Xero accounting software
  • Remote programming of products, groups, departments and set menus.


  • Reports (includes Live Dashboard and End of Day)
  • Configuration (used for setting up your Stores, Locations in Store, POS Terminals, Users access and Terminal Programing)
  • Zero Integration (used to push Department totals by location to your Xero account)