Add Department Button on POS

For your new department button to be visible on the pos system after sending it from the cloud you first need to receive the changes on the pos.

Select the open button from the main screen

The next screen will show todays date in a big blue button, touch the date and the pos will receive all changed data from the cloud.
Follow any onscreen prompts and then restart the pos as prompted.

All updated information has now been received by the pos but we now need to create a new department button on the pos itself.

This is achieved by starting the registration software as a manager and long pressing the button you wish to make the department appear on.

Long pressing the button will bring up a window asking if you wish to enter key layout settings. Select the ok button at this screen.

Once on the key layout screen scroll along to the button you wish the new department to be created on, select it and then click the blue button labelled page setup on the main menu.

From the page setup screen you need to click in the white area next to the words “Auto Type”
On the next screen select department which will bring up a list of all your current departments.
Scroll down and select the department you wish to be shown on the button.
Select “Auto” as the button type and click the blue “DB Save button”

Follow the prompt to restart the application and once restarted log in and your button will now be visible in your chosen location.