1st Casio POS Solutions – The Ideal Hospitality Solution

Casio POS Solutions has been in the electronic cash register business for over 40 years, launching its first product in 1976. Casio POS solution Hospitality POS and the R&D team at Casio HQ in Japan are continuously improving the products and are driven to providing the most innovative and powerful solutions Hospitality POS on the market, tailored specifically for businesses such as pubs, restaurants, cafes and many more.

CASIO – The Ideal Hospitality Industry POS Solution

Casio POS Solution main aim is to provide a reliable and robust all-in-one solution that runs as fast as your business, whilst keeping running costs to a minimum. The solutions are completely customisable and flexible to specific business needs, allowing the systems to grow with your business.

Full-touchscreen CASIO VR series Casio POS Solution ideal for a Hospitality POS ( VR-200 / V-R7000 / V-R7100 ) is modern, stylish, android basis and 100% professional. CASIO Mobile Ordering, CMO, is an innovative, affordable and user friendly application.

Why Casio Hospitality POS Solution over PC POS?

The first answer always is Reliability.
Casio’s reputation is for near bullet proof products.
No Windows operating system
No moving parts – cooling fans etc.
Restarts if required are quick and painless

Hardware and software designed cohesively
Most PC POS products are designed to work on any brand of hardware – therefore by the same token they are designed to work on nothing.
Casio systems, both hardware and software are designed as a total package, the software is designed to complement the hardware and visa versa.

Long Term Cost
Casio is generally slightly cheaper as an upfront cost depending on the installation and on-going service component a reseller offers but the real cost benefits start to add up when you look at the package long term.

Costing is based on supplied quotes from other providers and Casio pricing is for one VR7000 with drawer and printer.

Pricing above shows what a customer can be expected to pay by the end of year 1, year 3, year 6, year 8 and then the overall total.
Casio generally has a low up front cost than a PC based option and over time, the figures only get better.
Now with the Cloud reporting and programming functionality, the Casio option is even more competitive.

Casio POS Solutions – The Ideal Hospitality Solution

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Casio VR Series Point of Sale. The ideal Hospitality Solutions